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Coverage Area

MedAlertPendant System’s 600 feet range* is the widest in the market. You can speak clearly and directly through the medical alert pendant with our Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certified operators, wherever you are in or around the house. No other monitored medical alert system in the market can claim that.

Benefits of Our Unique Voice Range

MedAlertPendant System’s unparalleled two-way voice 600 feet range allows you to explain the nature of your emergency. The advantages are enormous:

  • Gain critical time that could easily save your live or prevent permanent disability. It has been shown (see Facts and Stats) that rapid treatment following a stroke can minimize cerebrovascular damage, and it’s essential in case of a heart attack or a fall.
  • Avoid unwanted ambulance dispatching when all you want is a loved one or neighbor to come give you a hand.

Other systems may claim a good range of coverage, but of what use is a button that connects to a far away station that makes a call, if you and the center can’t hear each other and the call will result in an automatic ambulance dispatch? In many cases you don’t even want an ambulance, but rather some other kind of help that can only be received by being able to explain your situation to the operators.

Gain peace of mind, confidence and independence as you walk around your house or apartment, take out the garbage, work in the garden or play with a grandchild, knowing that in case of need you can press the button on your MedAlertPendant System and connect 24/7 with our EMT-certified operators that will stay on the line with you until help arrives.

Even worse, after an unnecesary ambulance dispatch, you may hesitate to press the button again when in doubt, putting your well being at tremendous risk.

Not so with the MedAlertPendant System, as you will always be able to describe your symptoms and situation and promptly get the corresponding help. We want you to press the button even when in doubt. That way you will always feel confident to get the help you need.

MedAlertPendant System is also water resistant to allow you to wear it inside the bath or shower, and its long-lasting battery keeps it ready to save your life for months at a time.

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If you have questions about getting started with the MedAlertPendant System, or are a client who needs assistance, please call us toll free: 1-800-654-7678. We look forward to hearing from you!

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