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Dare to Compare

MedAlertPendant System offers unbeatable coverage in a wireless, waterproof pendant through which you communicate directly, without having to be near the base unit. There are no telephone numbers to look up and no need to dial.

Other systems afford limited in-house coverage, which typically limit the user to one or two rooms. You literally have to “fall in the right place”, within a short range from the base station – or else scream to try to be heard, many times unsuccessfully.

With MedAlertPendant System you can explain your situation clearly and easily through the pendant wherever you are in or around the house, and gain precious time in case of a true medical emergency, by being able to explain exactly where you are located, how to get in, and what your condition is.

If you rely on calling 911, consider what can happen if you fall and can’t get to a phone, or have misplaced your cordless phone, as is often the case. MedAlertPendant System is waterproof and can be worn in the shower, so it stays safely with you wherever you are in or around the house.

If you have pre-programmed numbers in your telephone, that person may not be available to answer, and you have wasted essential minutes that can actually spell the difference between life and death – or permanent disability.

MedAlertPendant System reaches our monitoring center every time you press a button; you can easily communicate the nature of your emergency and help gets dispatched right away. And as opposed to cellular phones, MedAlertPendant System doesn’t need a daily recharge and never loses a signal from a cellular carrier.

Who else can offer you all this advantages? No one! Don’t trust us? Do your own research! There are many medical alarm companies with many different types of equipment, so do your homework..

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Facts & Stats

Statistics show that patients who are helpless for more than 72 hours have a mortality rate of 67%, as opposed to 12% for those who get help within an hour.
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No Need To Scream

Built-In Speaker and Microphone, Wide-Range Coverage
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If you have questions about getting started with the MedAlertPendant System, or are a client who needs assistance, please call us toll free: 1-800-654-7678. We look forward to hearing from you!

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