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Post Alarm offers a wide variety of security integration services. Our systems make it easy to protect your home from burglary, fire or medical emergencies. You may be interested in our:

Burglar Alarms

Data reveals that homes without security systems are up to three times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems; with that in mind, the importance of owning a security system cannot be underestimated. Our burglar alarms utilize top-notch technology and user-friendly features: touch screen keypads, motion detection sensors, and digital backup should your phone line be compromised. For homeowners, life and property can be saved; for business owners, everything you’ve worked hard for is safeguarded.

Plus, with our central station monitoring, your burglar alarm can be monitored by our emergency operators who dispatch law enforcement if your alarm is activated. In other words, we offer the ultimate security enhancement for your home or business.

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Fire Alarms

It goes without saying that fire is among the most ever-present dangers to your home and family; in fact, it can go from dangerous to deadly in a matter of seconds. Most homeowners know that smoke, heat, and fire alarms are vital components of home security; but for 100% protection, you need fire alarm monitoring of your system. When you entrust your fire alarm monitoring to Post Alarm, you can allow us to contact the fire department while you and your family exit safely.

And when you’re away, monitored fire protection can save your home by dispatching firefighters the moment smoke is detected. Contact us to ask about the variety of fire protections we can furnish to your home or business.

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Video Surveillance/CCTV

Home or business invasion can devastate multiple lives, potentially causing irreversible damage. One of the most effective ways to reduce invasion and catch trespassers is to install security cameras. With video surveillance, closed-captioned television (CCTV) can help you identify any offenders who have attempted to enter your property; and in many cases, the presence of cameras will deter them before they start. Learn more by contacting our office.

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Card Access

Worried about unwanted entry to your business? If unauthorized entrants, disgruntled former employees, and solicitors are a concern, card access entry can manage who occupies your building, and when. Ask about our card access options to gain control over your building security.

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Armed Patrol

Police respond to thousands of alarm signals every day, in addition to countless other emergency calls. Often, alarm reports go by the wayside…and your home and family could be the next victims. Priority Response Armed Patrol Services from Post Alarm may be the only sure way of getting immediate help when you need it most. Our trained armed response and patrol officers put you first – eliminating false alarms, and alerting police when a real need arises. Ask about the three Priority Response packages we offer to suit varying needs and budgets.

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